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The prices below are a guide only taken from reports on various forums, plus some prices we have paid. 

The majority of prices are prices from MBK and Bangkok Weekend Markets.  Have a look at the Phuket shopping Price Guide as well as a lot of the prices are very similar and there is also a slide show of various shopping etc.

If you are intending to buy Duty Free Perfume, check the online stores such as the Perfume Empire etc first as we have found their prices much cheaper than duty free prices.

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Shopping Eye lab - REAL - approx $360 a pair      Shopping Ancient Siam      Shopping Mbk - 100baht each


Diesel Longsleeve tops 250 Bht Nike cap 200 Bht
Silk scarves 80 Bht Good quality copy handbags 1000 - 1600 Bht
Diesel T-shirt 160 Bht Chanel/Gucci watch 300 - 350 Bht
Polo Business shirts 200 Bht Sequin Elephant Cushion 190 Bht
Phone Covers 80-100 Bht Men's long shorts 300 Bht
Bencharone ware 400 Bht L.V./Gucci/BurberryThongs120 Bht
Playstation 1 games 50 Bht L.V. caps 250 Bht
Silk tissue box covers 50 Bht Hermes wallet 600 Bht

Armani Men's T Shirts 199 Bht

Christian Dior bucket hat 200 Bht
Diesel Runners 400 Bht Watercolor small painting160Bht
Set 6 chopsticks 50 Bht Large silk scarves 125 Bht
Large Louis Vuitton handbag 1,400 Bht Flashing cigarette lighters 100 Bht
Childs wallet 20 Bht Jean shorts 199 Bht
Shirt with beads 220 Bht Beaded bracelets 80 Bht
Small beaded bag 300 Bht Billabong T shirt 150 Bht
Sandals 299 Bht Puma sneakers mens 600 Bht
Womens dresses 150 Bht Baseball cap mens 200 Bht
Leather wallet 150 Bht Dior sunglasses 200 Bht
DVD'S 70 - 100 Bht Billabong child's skirt 150 Bht
Gucci wallet 650 Bht Hair clips, bandeau 355 Bht
Hairclips 2x 240 Bht Child slippers 299 Bht
 Flip flops 100 (kids) Bht Silk scarf 200 Bht
Men's surf shorts 200 Bht Beach towels 180 Bht

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