Punyaban waterfall        Punyaban Waterfall Ranong - Beautiful place!

Punyaban waterfall        Punyaban waterfall

 Punyaban Waterfall is only a 10 minute drive north of Ranong. It is very easy to find as itís about 20 feet from the road and has a huge sign.  

This waterfall is beautiful, itís about 20 meters high and there are three levels surrounded by a lush green forest. The waterfall originates from small streams in the forest preservation area named La Un and Rachakrud Forest. 

There is also a 300 meter nature walk, restaurants, toilets, lots of shade, and some lovely places to sit, have a picnic and relax, but none of that for me, we were getting in the water, (plus I still had bat crap on my legs). The water was icy cold, it was so good to cool off and be clean again, lots of locals were here having picnics and there were loads of kids in one of the deeper pools swimming around. 

We stayed here for quite awhile as it was just so beautiful.

 Punyaban Waterfall Ranong - This is the pool I ended up in after my big slide!        Punyaban Waterfall Ranong - No matter where you go in Thailand, there is always an ice-cream man!

I should mention my episode in the deeper pool, I though it would be nice to be in water higher than my knees so decided to venture down the rocks to the deep pool, I was nearly there and about to take another step and instantly knew I was going to fall.  My foot slid out from under me, I landed on my backside and did the big slide into the deep pool down the rocks, lucky for me the huge rock sloped into this pool and not over the edge down to the next big drop.

 When I surfaced all I could do was laugh as there were all these Thai families standing there looking at me, I laughed and then everyone started laughing.  Not a scratch or bruise on me. I stayed in this pool for awhile checking out different ways to get out (and plucking up the courage to get out) onto the slippery rocks and happy to say I made it out!! Thank god Gary didnít have the camera handy!!

This was the perfect place to stay a couple of hours, cool down and have an ice cream of course!

Punyaban Waterfall Ranong - This is our second visit, the force of the water is amazing! Punyaban Waterfall Ranong - This is our 2009 trip. Punyaban Waterfall Ranong 2009 - Angie

Our second visit to Punyaban waterfall was totally different to the above visit, it had been pouring with rain all night and the amount of water coming over was sensational. 
As you can see from the photos there was no way anyone could get in the falls.

Punyaban waterfall                    Punyaban waterfall