Sameth - best driver in Cambodia!          Sameth - best driver in Cambodia!

Sameths new mini van          Sameths new mini van

If you are looking for the safest, friendliest and most knowledgeable driver to show you around Phnom Penh or anywhere in Cambodia, then Sam's Your Man!! Sam worked full time for Australian friends of ours who lived in Phnom Penh for four years. 

He was employed as their driver and some of his duties were vehicle maintenance, airport transfers, guiding and translating for varied visitors from Australia. He was also required to consider and advise guests on security issues.

Sam has escorted many friends and family members of his employer throughout Cambodia and has made many life long friends.  We are very lucky to be included in this group and have been very fortunate to have Sam drive us around during our last 5 trips to Cambodia.

Now for the last few years Sam has had his own driving business which had always been his long term dream.

Our good friend Sameth          Sameth took us to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre

Sameths new mini van          Sameths new mini van has seatbelts!

Sam acts with absolute pride, courtesy and professionalism, this really shone through when he took responsibility for a blind guest!

Sam's Taxi is a spotless Camry with air conditioning, he speaks great English and is a very safe driver.  If you are a large group and need a bigger car or van just contact Sam as he can organize everything. Sam has also recently purchased a mini van, it is once again spotless, equipped with seat belts and he will also provide a baby seat if needed.

Sam has worked and saved for a long time to be able to realize his dream which was to own his own car and have a business showing people his country. He does not work for a company etc and we wish him all the best and know he will continue to succeed. 

He also knows all the best places to eat and shop, if there is something special you are looking for, Sam will make it his goal to find it!

Sameths new mini van          Sam the Man!!

Cathy & Sameth          Sameth & Gary

If you are interested in any of the info below just email Sam for prices etc. This is not a full list, there are many more places throughout Cambodia that Sam can take you.

Airport Transfers
The Killing Fields
Toul Sleng Genocide Museum
National Museum
Shooting Range
Shopping Trips
Boat Trips
Orphanage Visits
Oudong (Old Capital)
Chi So Mountain
Tonle Ba Ti Temple
Phnom Ta Mao (Zoo)
Kampot & Kep
Siem Reap

Email Sam on:

+855 (0) 12 76 22 90

Click here to visit the webpage Sam is in the process of setting up.  There is also a reference from his previous employers on there.

Below are some comments from people who have recently booked Sam to show them around.

Mike - Australia

Just wanted to thank you again for recommending Sam as our driver while in
Cambodia.  Just got back--had a wonderful trip and Sam made it that much better,
I have traveled to 27 countries and have met many good people, but he is surely the best.  If there is ever anything I could do to help his business, I would gladly do it. 
Thanks again. Mike

Daejeon Nomad
I posted my recommendation for Sam on the Trip Advisor Forum today.  Sam is certainly a gem and deserves all the success in the world.

Hi Fellow Travellers:
 I just returned from Phnom Penh and wanted to recommend an excellent Khmer young man who can attend to all your tour and transportation needs.
 His name is Sameth. He's quite courteous, reliable, safe and friendly. His cars are air conditioned and he speaks English well. If you're in Phnom Penh and in need of transportation and/or tours, please don't hesitate to contact Sameth:
 Happy Travels!
 Daejeon Nomad

Sameth - fantastic guy!!